One of a kind classes

Recipe for Success offers exclusive cooking team building activities and challenges to add a little zest to your corporate event in Houston. In fact, we’ve been helping teams grow together through cooking for over 15 years. Our uniquely catered team building cooking challenges are designed to help everyone grow together as better communicators, create something beautiful (and delicious) from scratch, and most importantly have fun! Want to know the best part of Recipe For Success’ team building cooking challenges? We take care of all the little details.

That’s right – we provide and set up the equipment you’ll need from specialized tools to creating fully functional pop-up kitchens. We even staff each event with our cooking team building facilitators as well as trained culinary professionals. They coach and guide everyone through the challenges and make sure everything comes out looking and tasting perfect in the end. There’s just one thing we’ll need from you – just let us know where and when!

Find the perfect Houston cooking team building group program below – there’s a program for every team.

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