Let’s talk about TeamCuisine, our flagship team bonding culinary event. Team building with cooking isn’t just about what you do during the event. It’s about being clear on your goal: fostering stronger team communication through a fun and challenging activity. A team that communicates better is a team that will succeed. So what better way to create strong team communication than with cooking?

But not just any cooking – this is a team-building cooking challenge that creates a pop-up kitchen in any event space that you need it to be in (like Hotel Ballrooms, conference centers, Corporate offices, auditoriums, or wineries). We also provide classically trained chefs to coach and guide your team through the delicious multi-course gourmet meal they’ll be creating from scratch during the TeamCuisine challenge.

What makes TeamCuisine so effective is the combination of a fun and competitive environment. Teams are first divided into cooking groups and while they create their gourmet meal they’ll be tasked with completing mini-challenges along the way. For instance, before they even start cooking they’ll create their own team tune; and while they’re cooking they may be judged on how well they create a team logo or mascot out of a cooking ingredient. The nature of competition and these mini-challenges encourages your team to break out of their shell and be more open and communicative with each other. Plus, everyone always ends up having a good time and a delicious meal when it’s all said and done.

At the end of the team building cooking challenge groups will receive points in 4 categories to determine the winner:

    • Taste
    • Creative Presentation
    • Cleanliness of their work station
    • Teamwork

The best part of TeamCuisine is the dining experience. Since contestants are guided by a team of classically trained chefs through the team building cooking challenge, the multi-course meal always comes out delicious at the end.

It’s all about The 3 Goods with TeamCuisine:

    1. The food looks Good
    2. It tastes Good
    3. And everyone has a Good time

Check out the video below for more info!

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