Team Chocolatier – The Chocolate Workshop

Challenge your team to become chocolatiers for the day!

Our hands-on chocolate workshops provide a marvelous way to spend a few hours working and playing as a team. Learn to make show-stopping truffles filled with anything from champagne cream to chocolate peanut butter during this culinary team building activity. It’s surprisingly easy once you understand a few essentials (plus a few secrets from our Master Chocolatier, Chef Dorian, Winner of Sweet Genious ).

To kick off this chocolate team building challenge, guests will be divided into groups and given a golden ticket containing their chocolate mission statement and target market segment. Each team will need to create a box of chocolates for a section of the consumer market; they will be expected to develop a brand identity, marketing slogan and eye-catching packaging as part of an exciting team building activity.

Here are some of the fascinating things your Team Chocolatier workshop includes:

  • Roll and dip your own truffles in a variety of delicious toppings
  • Create amazing molded chocolates
  • How to produce fillings like coconut, apricot, and framboise
  • All you need to know about piping, shaping and coating
  • How to package your handiwork for maximum “wow factor”
  • Understand the chocolate process from bean to bar
  • Why today’s varietal chocolates are becoming wildly popular

Of course, you will taste some chocolate too and there is the main benefit of taking home your own handmade chocolates - and the skills to make more at home ... plus useful tips on tasting, buying and storing fine chocolate.

Let us stage your private event for 12 – 40 lucky participants.

Group Size:
12 - 40
Team Size:
12 - 40
Program Length:
2 hours
Benefits & Results:

Recipe for Success’s experienced chocolatiers will guide you through the art of making delicious truffles by hand using couverture chocolate, fresh ingredients and a variety of natural flavorings.

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