Winery Team Challenge

Are you ready for a Grape Escape?

This Team Wine Challenge event begins with a fun, informative wine tasting and ends with a highly entertaining and competitive sangria making and marketing challenge. Your team is greeted by our knowledgeable sommelier, giving participants a brief, interactive and fun intro to wine, then leading the group in a white and red wine tasting.

After the tasting, groups are gathered into teams and each group becomes its very own winery. Teams are briefed about the interesting history of sangria, and then take part in an entertaining Sangria Trivia Contest before creating their own blends.

You become the wine experts – everyone’s success depends on it!

The team's newly learned knowledge about wine and Sangria is put to the test as teams set off to concoct their own unique and delicious Sangria blend. This unique event combines team challenges, lots of interaction, and plenty of fun!

After the final challenge, The Sangria Taste Test Contest, winners are announced with great fanfare. Teams receive awards in three categories: the Winner of the Sangria Trivia Contest, the Best Marketing Campaign, and Best Tasting Sangria!

Consider combining this program with our Salsa Showdown or add Guacamole and/or Margaritas for a Mexican Fiesta!

Group Size:
20 - 300
Team Size:
6 - 10
Program Length:
2 hours
Benefits & Results:

Creative thinking
Great morale booster
Enhanced communication skills
Co-workers see each other in a whole new light
Advancing your tasting skills with wine
Socialize and working with co-workers

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