You won’t believe your eyes…

Barista Kazuki Yamamoto

Check Out Barista Kazuki Yamamoto’s Amazing 3-D Latte Art

You are being watched.

A 32-year-old Osaka-based barista named Kazuki Yamamoto is creating some of the funniest and most impressive latte art we’ve seen these days (and we’ve seen a bunch).

Check out some familiar faces, straight ahead, and head over to Bored Panda to see some of Yamamoto’s most fantastic 3-D latte foam projects, including a giraffe that cranes straight out of the coffee cup, conjoined pandas, and some random guy giving you the thumbs-up, most likely because you’re drinking the best cup of coffee art ever.


Yamamoto’s entire archive, which seems to be growing by the day, is right here.

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