Fun Ways To Thank Your Staff This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time to bring people together and to share delicious food.

As an employer, you may be looking for a wonderful way to celebrate this popular holiday with your team. You could simply host a holiday party as many companies do, or you could take advantage of the opportunity that a group gathering provides by focusing on team building activities.
A more creative and very effective idea for the latter scenario is to bring your team together for a cooking class.

The Social Aspect

Rather than hiring a caterer to bring food into your establishment, you can improve team morale through an effective team building session based on culinary activities. Consider that you can turn your conference room into a makeshift kitchen for this event, and this makes attendance at the event convenient for all employees. Your team will gather together to prepare foods in groups, and this unique experience can give your employees a fun activity to bond over.

This is an interactive experience that also provides ample time for social interaction between your staff members as they work together to create delicious foods with guidance from an upbeat instructor.

Delicious Food

As important as it may be to improve team morale and to focus on structured team building, there is something to be said for sharing a meal and enjoying the merriment of the season together.

After the cooking aspect of this experience has been completed, your team can gather together to share a meal that they have created. While enjoying the meal, they can also interact in a casual way.

Considering that most interactions in your office may be professional in nature, this meal gives your team members the opportunity to interact on a more personal and relaxed level. Essentially, they can get to know each other better and may develop improved communication and compassion as a result.

A Charitable Activity

Thanksgiving is a holiday that invites you to be grateful for all that you have, and it is also a time to give back to the community in various ways. Cooking with a Cause is an excellent way to improve team morale because a portion of all food that is created is donated to homeless shelters or to those who otherwise are in need of a delicious meal.

Your team can feel great about working together for this fun-filled corporate exercise, and they may also appreciate the effort that the company has made as a whole to support the community and to help those in need.

While you could simply cater a Thanksgiving meal on-site or host a potluck meal, you can see that this is an excellent opportunity to focus on camaraderie and building morale. You can break tradition in a fun way while also beating the chilly fall elements outdoors by bringing a unique Thanksgiving party concept into your office.

With so many excellent benefits associated with this activity, you can see that this is a great idea to try this year.

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