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Team Building Ideas Corporate Events

Teamwork is an extremely important component of any high functioning organization. Team building activities are a great way to improve communication, establish trust, and boost morale. However, finding the right team building activities for work is easier said than done. Here are a few team building ideas you may try at your next corporate event outing:

Culinary Challenges
Food has always been a great connector. Who knew food could also be the source of a great team building activity? Culinary team building challenges are on the rise and are used across the globe to salvage department rivalries, streamline communication or onboard new employees. Attendees will get to explore a new recipe while enjoying a little rivalry fun. Everyone has the chance to participate and the activity can be conveniently conducted in a conference room.

Breakout Rooms
Breakout rooms are another trending idea when it comes to team building. In this exercise, groups are locked in a room together and must problem solve their way out. The activity requires a lot of communication and asks each person to contribute their unique strengths towards finding a break out solution. If teams are able to break out, it’s also highly rewarding and drives a sense of empowerment and pride that can’t be matched.

Scavenger Hunt
A scavenger hunt is a great way to engage your employees. It’s also a fun way to get to know the area or an office space. You can strategically build teams for the hunt and offer clues that connect new groups. This idea offers a bit of playfulness and fun and can be a great way to build creativity and camaraderie across departments.

Volunteer Outing
Corporate events are generally tied down with business objectives in mind, so a volunteer outing is a refreshing change of pace. Group volunteer work offers a chance to do good for the community and will serve as a bonding agent. Your employees will have the opportunity to learn about one another in a low-pressure setting. Consider engaging in volunteer work on a monthly basis. You’ll be amazed at the impact.

Painting Class
Group painting classes are great team building activities. Many classes cater to corporate groups and will design art work that resonates with the organization. They’ll often offer a larger, more collaborative canvas where employees can work in pairs or groups to follow instructions, mix paint, and create a masterpiece. This group exercise sparks creativity and provides an outlet for expression and diversity.

These are just a few of the many popular team building activities for work. Team outings won’t solve all the problems of an organization, but they can certainly raise the bar when it comes to teamwork and communication. If you’re looking to treat your staff to a fun team building exercise consider one of these five unique activities.

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