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Richard Cooper

I have two major life passions (besides my family, who will always be first)…the study of Human Nature and all things Food. As you can tell I’m not a very complicated person. This is my first real Blog attempt, yesterday I couldn’t spell Blob… I am committed to writing at least 2 entries a month that hopefully will catch your attention and keep you reading and motivate you to join in the conversation. I am going to be running at the mouth about 2 things, any guesses? You got it… Food and People, more specifically …how can cooking help us work more effectively together in the corporation, or simply put… Team Work and Team Building.

I am fortunate that I get to travel often, meeting interesting people and eating in great restaurants (and not so great). I am planning to bring you my impressions of restaurants and their chefs, and all types of food establishments from the various cities I visit. In addition, recipes, cooking techniques, kitchen gadgets and equipment and other Foodie subjects you might be interested in. I would love and hope to hear from you on what you read here and any topics that you would like to talk about or that might just pop into your head…Please help me, I know I will run out of ideas all too soon.

Whenever someone asks me what kind of work I do (people always ask about your work, don’t they) I know I am in for a conversation, when I tell them I am the founder of “Recipe For Success” which produces Team Building events for corporations. More specifically Culinary Team Building events… I don’t wait for them to ask, I try and provide a simple explanation. The objective of this Team Building program is to use food preparation and the gourmet meal that is produced, as an active and powerful metaphor. The group will experience all the components of a functioning team, bond together and get to know each other in a unique environment outside of the work place. Typically we are part of a multi-day off site meeting. We break large groups into smaller teams…each team is responsible for cooking one dish as part of an International Buffet that they will eat for lunch or dinner that day… “So”…, they ask with interested eyes, the eyes give it away, I know I will be there a while. Well, the teams prepare their dish without a recipe…, “What do Team Building and cooking have in common????” You’ll just have to wait until my next Blog entry to find out.

Food Funny…1 small Roast of beef
1 large Roast of beef

Take the two roasts and put them in the oven.
When the little one burns, the big one is done.

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