Planning Your Next Office Holiday Party?

Office Holiday parties is everyone’s favorite work event of the year. Everyone is in a good mood around this time of year, and it’s a great way to celebrate a year of hard work and success. If you’re the lucky one who gets to organize the event, here are some things to take into consideration.

  1. Potluck
    A potluck is where everyone brings a dish to share, meaning plenty of food for everybody! Not only does this save money, but it also gives people the chance to work together to coordinate dishes. Make sure that people write down what they plan to bring so that you don’t end up with an overabundance of chips and dip but no desserts. Have a couple of options for the people who can’t cook, such as bringing the napkins or cups.
  2. Gifts
    Every office Holiday party should have gifts! While many offices do a Secret Santa, this can be hard to organize. Also, if someone forgets to bring a present, someone else will leave empty-handed. Instead, have a number of gifts to pass out as prizes for either exceptional work or winning a game.
  3. Games
    Speaking of games, the party has to have games to play! You can always try an adult piñata shaped like Santa or a Christmas tree. Fill it with a little bottle of booze, money, candy bars, and gift cards. You can also try Bingo, trivia, tug-of-war, and a variety of other games to shake things up.
  4. Venue
    If you can have the office Holiday party at the office, that’s going to save you a lot of money that could then go to gifts and other things. If that’s simply not possible, try something outdoors if you live in an area with warm winters. Finally, you can always try a bowling alley or a VFW hall. If you really feel like spoiling your employees, you can all go to an arcade or theme park.
  5. Entertainment
    The entertainment at your party is crucial! Have someone in the office create a fun and work-friendly playlist to play during the party, or you can hire a local DJ. Consider even hiring a magician or clown or some other type of performance for people to enjoy.
  6. Drinks
    Give your employees a break and supply some adult beverages. Buy plenty of different beers and liquor yourself or have the event at a venue that provides liquor. Be sure that people understand that while there is drinking at the party, it’s still a work event. You don’t want any employees getting in trouble for inappropriate behavior when they were intoxicated. Consider using tickets so that people have a 2 or 3 drink minimum.

Your office holiday party doesn’t have to be boring. Get your party clothes on and start the party yourself so that everyone will follow along and you can even transform it into a team building cooking activity. These tips will help you get the foundation for a great party, but a party is truly only as good as the people there!

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