The Ice Cream Challenge

What is it? How does it works?



Whip up a batch of homemade ice cream (your team’s flavor of choice), sprinkle on some team building and have the chance to be titled “Ice Cream Champion” for the cherry on top of this ice cream team-building experience!

To make the perfect ice cream sundae you need a good base (the ice cream). Only then can you pile on the toppings, perhaps a tasty sauce to add some flavor (hot fudge? caramel sauce?), whipped cream, sprinkles and a cherry on top (to make the perfect ice cream sundae).


Now, think of your team as the ice cream of the ice cream sundae. The structure of it is pretty similar, you need a good base like the ice cream to support the rest of the toppings. This team-building experience will deliver a fun, flavorful workshop full of expert advice. Not only will you create the perfect summertime treat, but you’ll also build relationships with your teammates and lift your overall team spirit!

Your team will separate into smaller groups to embark on this Ice Cream Challenge. Each individual will leave their team to become knowledgeable on one crucial ice cream making the skill. These information sessions could include recipe basics, waffle cone making, equipment instructions, and marketing basics.



Individuals will report back to their team with their new knowledge and work collectively to create their very own ice cream flavor. But the challenge doesn’t end there. Your team will also be challenged to brand your new ice cream flavor using marketing tools that one member of your team will acquire during the information session.

To make the ice cream itself, we use liquid nitrogen. Liquid nitrogen is a liquefied gas that is used to freeze the ice cream base in seconds. When the liquid nitrogen is poured out of its container, it creates a mystical cloud of smoke and makes for quite the reaction from the group.


At the end of the Ice Cream Challenge, teams will present their new ice cream flavors to our panel of judges for one team to be recognized as the “Ice Cream Champions.” But in this program, everyone will feel like a winner when you get to taste your personalized ice cream creation!

ice cream team

The ice cream teambuilding program is the perfect way to build bonds, team communication while having a fun, productive experience!

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