Fun Ice Breaker Games That Your Team Will Love

Food Truck Challenge

When you are having a corporate retreat or team building event, ice breaker games can be just the right way to get things started. There are many fun and exciting ways to build team spirit and collaboration using games and teamwork activities. Here are a few awesome ice breaker games for your next corporate event.

1. Deserted Island

In the first part of the exercise, have the moderator go around the group and ask which item each member would bring to a deserted island. For the team building portion, split the group into smaller groups and have them work out how to make their chosen items work together to increase their chance of survival. Have everyone present their answers and give a prize to the most creative group.

2. Team Mixology

Team building ideas can be fun and exciting. Recipe for Success has come up with a super idea for team building: teaching mixology. Mixology is the art of creating cocktails. The groups are divided into teams of 10, where they learn how to create their own mixed drinks from expert mixologists. A contest follows at the end with prizes available. This makes an awesome activity before a team dinner.

3. Shared and Unique

This team building activity requires a pen and paper. Break the larger group into groups of 5 people. Have the notetaker write down something that is shared by all the participants. Try to be creative and avoid the obvious answers. Then flip the activity around and find at least two unique facts about each person that no one else in the group shares.

Sharing the results of this activity will give your employees a better picture of the background and personalities of other people in the group.

4. Food Truck Challenge

Competitive team building is great between co-workers and what better than a good old’ American Food Truck Challenge. Break the group into smaller groups of around 8 to 10 people. Each group get to make their own food truck and design their own unique logo. They will also have a food truck fare focus; examples such as hot dogs, tacos, waffles etc. The groups will be judged on the taste of their final product and the creativity and originality of their truck façade.

The Food Truck Challenge will certainly provide a fun team building exercise and bond everyone together.

5. Whodunit

Splitting your group into smaller segments, have each member write down something interesting they have done on an index card. Draw random cards and read the answers out loud. Have everyone guess whose card it is and explain why.

6. Interviews

Have participants pair up and interview each other. Have them ask questions that are both personal and professional in nature. Then have each team member introduce the person they interviewed. This works in small to medium size groups, or you can divide a large group into segments.

7. Snowballs

This fun and surprising game was inspired by a TEDx talk by Eric de Groot. In this game, have people crumple up the papers that have been used in previous parts of the presentation. Then have them throw the papers at a target in the room. This will get everyone up on their feet and laughing and is a great option for after a long talk when everyone might be feeling sluggish.

A more reflective variation on this game would be to have people write down one challenge they have experienced on a piece of paper. Crumple and throw these papers as above, but then have people pick up random pieces of paper and read the challenges aloud. This will give everyone an idea of the problems other people face in their daily lives.

8. TeamCuisine

Recipe for Success’s most popular team building activity is their flagship program, TeamCuisine. Splitting into small groups, the participants work together to create amazing gourmet meals. This program can be done in areas without a kitchen, since Recipe for Success brings everything in that you might need.

9. One Embarrassing Story

For small groups, this can break the ice and make everyone more comfortable with each other. Have everyone share an embarrassing story of their choice. It can be a childhood story or something more recent from work. Prizes can be given for the most embarrassing story.

10. What’s Your Word?

In a small group meeting, have everyone open by choosing one word with which they would describe themselves. Then use that word as their name for the rest of the meeting. This can make people laugh and drive home what their co-workers feel is important about themselves.

11. Rock Paper Scissors with a Twist

An active game, this is one of the more fun teamwork activities. It requires participants to get up and stand in front of the group. Make the group into pairs. Decide on good full-body motions for “rock,” “paper,” and “scissors.” If you want to make it competitive, keep bringing challengers up to try to beat the one team member who keeps winning. If not, simply pair people off.

Try Our Team Building Ideas at your Next Meeting

When you’re looking for something a little different to keep your participants engaged, contact Recipe for Success and find out about our spectacular culinary-based team building programs. We will keep your employees fed and happy while giving them new tools to build camaraderie.

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