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June 25, 2015

Richard Cooper has 25 years of publishing trade magazines for the Food & Wine industries he traveled the world meeting and taking private cooking classes with top International chefs.

Richard left that world to follow his dream of opening a cooking school (My Mothers Kitchen) in New York. This transition led to understanding the many parallels of managing teams in the kitchen and the corporation.

As interest in these similar environments grew, Mr. Cooper developed Recipe for Success, and our flagship program Team Cuisine. These programs were designed to aid in effective Team Development, Team Building, and Team Bonding, while enhancing a firm’s social capital, using the Culinary Arts as a metaphor for the corporate environment.

Richard lives in Connecticut with his wife and Daughter.

Richard Cooper

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The event went great. I think my whole team was very surprised at the outcome. I also learned something from the event and that was never be afraid to step into a leadership role which is a very valuable lesson learned in a different kind of setting. Our conference planning staff was very interested in your service so I have passed on your contact information to Nancy Palleshi. Don’t be surprised if you hear from us again. Thank you!

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