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Being on the cutting edge of team building is a hard job but someone has to do it. When we introduced TeamCuisine almost 15 years ago, cooking and team building were not the hit they are today. Foodies and non-foodies have enjoyed our cooking team building events and while I was putting together some testimonials, I thought that our clients can tell you about it better than I ever could. Thanks to all of you for some great events these last 15+ years!

“Everyone enjoyed the evening and thought the cooking was a blast. They really had a good time with it and we will do it again. Overall, it was very very positive and I thank you for pulling it all together at the last minute.”

Nancy S.
Flik Conference Services on site at Pfizer Inc

“Stewart and Ann put on a wonderful event for our group last night!! Thank you for bringing “your best” to our dinner. The group was really engaged and the food tasted wonderful. I can’t wait to share this success with all of my colleagues.”

Margaret F.
Aetna Insurance

“The event was fantastic and all the guys had a great time. Richard was great!”

Joanne P.
Nissan Canada Inc.

“Feedback from last night has been awesome!! Thanks so much for a great event.
Thanks again!”


“It went well! Our people really enjoyed themselves and for those who normally don’t cook, learned something new. I’ve received a lot of good feedback.”

Deloitte Services LP

“The event was a big hit!! I can’t thank you, Jeff and Craig enough! I look forward to working with your company again.”

Nicole J.
Booz | Allen | Hamilton

“Your team did a fabulous job with the event, they actually handled the first hour on their own while we set the dining area. Our store directors had an amazing time and the meal was very good. Thank you for pulling this together so quickly…”

Note: This event was produced in the clients office

Sephora Cosmetics

“I would like to take the opportunity to thank you and Richard for another “outstanding” event. I hope to get to meet you someday, as I am sure ExxonMobil will continue to do business with you in the future.

Some of the comments / feedback I received…

“Please provide me with “Recipe for Success” contact information – I want
to use them for an upcoming / future event – I have haven’t had this much
fun at a Team Building Event in a long time”

“What a blast – it gave me time to bond with others in a fun and relaxing

“How and where did you find these people! They put on a great show”

“That was alot of fun – I never knew I could cook”

Renae H.

“We really had a great time at our meeting! This is definitely a night no one will forget.”

Jennifer M.
State Farm Insurance

“Thank you for everything from the food to the team building to the professionalism and then some. They raved about it and suggested I spread the word to the rest of the company for future events. From a planning perspective everyone was extremely helpful too.”

Valerie S., CMP Meeting Planner
American Express Business Travel

“The event went perfectly! I can’t even tell you how wonderful Craig and Jon (? – his partner) were. Everyone had a wonderful time!”

Susan H.
Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals

“I’m going to pass your name on to a few folks that are taking lead on our different offsite events for balance of year. Of course, there’s always next year to plan for and believe me, you guys are at the top of my list! You did a wonderful job getting things pulled together for us last minute and you made me look great!!! That’s always a plus!”

Muriel M.
PepsiCo Financial Shared Services

“Thanks for your wonderful event! It was such a pleasure to meet you and take part in such a unique team-building experience. We all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves as well as the delicious dishes!”

Ann Marie
Raytheon Missile Systems

“Thank you again, for a successful event. It is now the one to top.”

Raytheon Legal Department

“Thank you for a wonderful team event! Richard was great. Everyone is still talking about it.”

Oracle Technology Business Unit

“Thank You for a fabulous Team Cuisine event. Everyone seemed to have a great time…. a few of them were having too much fun! I really appreciate you making this event so successful, especially with such short notice. Thanks again for a fabulous event. I hope we have an opportunity to work together again!”

Jackie – Event Planner for Bank of America

“The session was very well received — we had had a difficult afternoon and it turned the group’s mood around — I was also able to leverage it with a deeper debrief the next morning. I greatly enjoyed the set-up and Nadine’s “gentle support” to the teams during the session was helpful … it was very professional and not “tacky”.”

Brian – Johnson & Johnson

“We had a wonderful time! Facing a set of challenges that were very different than what we do 50-60 hours a week, we all learned different and surprising things about each other and I think everyone appreciated the new perspectives we now have on our colleagues. I think we’ll be a closer, better team for it. You were an excellent, low-key, firm, helpful leader with a great sense of humor. Thanks so much. Everyone wants to do it again – so we’ll be in touch!”

Lea – Public Broadcasting Systems

“I loved it! (As you probably knew I would.) Lessons learned:
– Everyone has something to contribute.
– There’s a lot of creativity and imagination in this group.
– Things run smoothly when we check our egos at the door.
– Where one person is weak (e.g. my artistic sense is non-existent), another is strong (thank you, January); we complement one another.
– Even a near-disaster can be rectified (cf. the dessert, which, BTW, was divine).
– Even when there’s something you dislike or of which you disapprove, if it’s a necessary element, you just shut up and accept it. (I know this is anathema, but I hate tarragon – it’s such a fussy herb – but that’s what our recipe called for. And a lot of other people – even people I respect! – like it.
– We can COOK!”

Joan – Accenture

“It was a pleasure. We opened to rave reviews and I’m sure you’ll see us again!”

Vincent – Bank of America

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