10 Fun Kids Birthday Party Cook-Off Ideas

It is often difficult to come up with kids birthday party ideas. A new and fun idea for your child’s next birthday is a kids food cook-off. We have included below some kids cooking ideas to get your kids food cook-off started!


1. Barbecue
Barbecues are a great option for a kid’s birthday party because the food is easy to prepare and generally inexpensive if you have a lot of guests to feed. In addition to being easy and cheap, the food tastes great too!

Let the kids take over dessert by making smores! Have lots of choices on hand like flavored graham crackers and different types of candy. Just make sure you have adult supervision.


2. Pizza Party
Pizza is a hit with kids and adults alike. Give each child their own miniature pizza crust and let them load it with their favorite sauce and toppings. Let the adults toss them in the oven or on the grill and then you will have a delicious treat.



3. Italian Themed
Another option for a cookout is a pasta party! Prepare your favorite kind of pasta and have different sauces and add-ins for the party guests to choose from. Let the adults boil the pasta and then let the kids add their own sauce and add-ins like veggies!


4. Sub Station
If you are looking for a no-cook cook-off option, subs are the way to go. Simply pick out a few different types of sub buns and a variety of sub toppers. Start with a few different types of bread and let the kids put their favorite toppings on. Let an adult help them toast the subs if desired.



5. Nacho Typical Cook-Off
A nacho bar is yet another great option for a kid’s party because you can satisfy both the kids and adults. Let the kids help make their own tortilla chips by allowing them to use a pizza cutter (with supervision) to cut tortillas into triangles. Once the chips have cooked, the kids can also pick their favorite toppings.




6. Fresh Salads
If your kids are healthy eaters, make salads together! You can let the kids make fruit or veggie salad and be involved in the process of cutting the fruit or veggies and picking their own add-ins and dressings.




7. Grilled Cheese Please
Grilled Cheese is a classic dish from most people’s childhood. Let the kids make their own sandwiches and hand them over to an adult to cook! Make fresh tomato soup with the kids as an added bonus.



8. Kid-Friendly Happy Hour
Make a kid-friendly happy hour by making a variety of homemade appetizers. This could include mozzarella sticks, pretzel sticks, chips, and queso, or even quesadillas! Depending on what apps you choose to make, let the children help with the prep. Toss them in the oven for and when they come out the kids will be delighted with what they made!



9. Mac-N-Cheese Bar
This won’t be your typical mac-n-cheese. Let the kids help pour the pasta into the water. Next, allow the kids to mix the cheese in. Give each child a bowl so they can add in things like bacon or breadcrumbs.




10. Breakfast for Dinner
A unique cook-off idea that is kid-friendly is making breakfast for dinner. Let the kids help by pouring the pancake batter into the pan. Use a cookie cutter to make a fun shape that the kids will love.



We hope this article inspired you with a few fun kids cooking ideas and kids birthday party ideas! Adult cook-offs are a fantastic team building event too. If you’re looking for a fun culinary team building experience at your company’s next function, give us a shout and let’s get cooking! Our team building results are beyond delicious!

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