Teamwork Activities: There is No “I” in Team

Teamwork: There is no "I" in team

The success of your business will depend on the quality of relationships that your team has throughout the life of your company.

While you may not start out with a close-knit team to work with, that doesn’t mean that you can’t improve that over time. Regularly scheduled team building activities could make all the difference when it comes to building relationships and getting your team to work together. How exactly can team building exercises make a difference?

Improve Communication 

Engaging in teamwork activities has the potential to improve your team’s communication exponentially. For most people, especially those in a new team, the inclination is to keep to yourself and do your job. It’s not always a natural thing to come out and naturally work together with your teammates unless you’re given a reason to do so.

Team building activities have a tendency to force you out of your shell and make you work together with your colleagues. Throughout the activity, you have to learn to communicate with one another. These types of activities require you to communicate or you’ll fail. Once people start to buy in to the activity, they get to know their coworkers in a whole new light and it leads to improved communication.

Improve Morale 

Good teamwork activities have the potential to bring new life to your team and improve morale. Doing the same thing at work day after day can wear on people after a certain period of time. By mixing it up and keeping things fresh with a fun team building activity, you can get people excited again. For example, the Food Truck Challenge that we, Recipe for Success offer, is something unique that get people out of their comfort zone.

With the food truck challenge activity, your group is divided up into teams and they are tasked with creating their own food truck as a group. They have to decide on the menu, the design of the truck, the logo, and work together to figure out all the details. It can be pretty entertaining to see what your colleagues come up with and fun to compete with them.

Improved Performance 

Not only is team building fun and great for building communication, it also has an impact on the bottom line. No matter what department your team works in, the work performance after team building can improve. Companies have improved their sales numbers, customer service records, and the bottom line due to the lessons learned in team building activities.

In many cases, the cohesiveness of the team is what determines success or failure. While it can be tough to predict, teams working together closely can accomplish more than just a collection of individuals. The method of communication they develop between each other is key, and that sense of belonging is what ultimately motivates the team to keep going.

If you’re looking for a way to boost your employee’s morale, improve communication or just mix it up and have fun, find a good team building exercise that your group can do today. We have a lot of fun teamwork activities that your company will love. View our team building programs here.

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