Virtual Food Truck Challenge


One of our deliciously exciting culinary events, the Food Truck Challenge will set your team on course for a culinary adventure, promoting friendly competition. With a master chef, we will help you cook great food, collaborate on a Food Truck design, and sell the rest of the group on your grand business plan!

Food Truck Challenge Overview

The history of the food truck dates back centuries and has since taken a front seat in the world of American street food as part of the ongoing food revolution. We have taken the food truck from the chassis to the banquet table, to your home kitchen, bringing you, “The Virtual Food Truck Challenge”. Teams will not only prepare delectable food truck fare but will also construct and decorate their own food truck façade, with their own food truck brand name and logo.

Food Truck Fare Choices (Client Can Choose One of the Following):

  • Flaky Greek Filo Dough Triangles (Spanakopita) 
  •  The Real Deal New Orleans Gumbo 
  • Bruschetta 3 Ways (Italian Style, Shrimp Scampi, Cannoli Bruschetta)
  • World’s Best Meatballs
  • Authentic Beef Tacos
  • Empanadas (meat, vegetarian, or sweet)

And of course, there is the competitive element to our food challenge games. After an engaging instructional cooking lesson from our master chef, teams will be placed in breakout rooms to plan their food truck logo/design & commercial. Each team will have a chance to present their idea and final fare to the master chef. Will your plan impress?

Group Size:
Up to 100 people
Program Length:
90 minutes (up to 2 hours)
Space Requirement:
Zoom and participants will need to have access to their kitchen, common cooking utensils, camera, and mic.
Benefits & Results:

Fun & Motivating
Friendly Team Competition
Builds Morale
Brainstorming & Decision Making

Let's Get Cooking!