Chocolate Truffle Making Experience

Escape into chocolate with our charismatic chocolatier and your team. Learn new chocolate skills, and make the most delicious truffles you’ve ever tasted – all from the comfort of your kitchen!

Chocolate Experiences Are a Sweet Treat for Teams

What could be better than making and eating chocolate? How about if you and the Confectionista just designed the truffle flavor of your dreams, and made it with your very own hands? And all the ingredients are shipped to your home? Our hands-on chocolate workshops provide a unique and delicious way to spend time with your team, online.

Even culinary novices will leave with a full understanding of where chocolate has come from and where it’s going. Learn to make show-stopping truffles filled with Raspberry (vegan), Hazelnut, or Salted Caramel. It’s surprisingly easy once you understand a few essentials.

In this 90-minute long class, we’ll measure, melt, mix, chill, and roll truffles made with fair-trade cacao chocolate and local cream. Perfect for an afternoon experience of chocolate and creative fun by with your team and/or your clients. You’ll be able to make 40-45 chocolate truffles (or 20-22 if you make a half size batch or share with a partner), which freeze beautifully or refrigerate for up to 2 weeks – if you can last that long.

You will leave the truffle making experience with lots of truffles for you to indulge in by yourself or to show off or share with your friends and family.

Group Size:
10 - 30+
Program Length:
1.5 hours
Space Requirement:
Benefits & Results:

- Understand the chocolate process from bean to bar.
- Learn about chocolate history and how a bitter fruit became the “chocolate” we know and love today.
- Roll and dip your own truffles in a variety of delicious toppings.
- Find out all you need to know about piping, shaping, and coating.
- Learn to package your handiwork for maximum “wow factor”.
- Discover why today’s varietal chocolates are becoming wildly popular.

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