The Ultimate Pizza Challenge

It’s official: pizza is the single most popular food in all the world. There are a million ways to make it and almost as many ways to enjoy it. Now this delectable dish also provides the perfect vehicle for a fun, festive and delicious hands-on team building experience. Communications? Teamwork? Leadership skills? We serve ‘em up fresh daily.

Your fabulous Chef/facilitators divide everyone into groups as you ease into two or three hours of friendly competition. But there’s more to this than simply teams tossing fresh ingredients on a crust – your teams earn money by competing in a series of gentle mental challenges based around pizza trivia. It’s the perfect warm-up.

And once the goods are in the oven? Teams each get to name their Pizza, do a Pizza toss with our unique “throw dough” and even design a logo to adorn the box. They also create a 30-second commercial to perform for the entire group. As always, creativity and originality are essential ingredients! After everyone gets to sample each unique pizza, one team will be crowned champions. But this really is an event where everyone wins.

Whether your taste buds lean toward Chicago, New York or Sicily or even something as adventurous as sushi pizza, everyone will come away smiling (and full). And the newfound team building skills will start paying dividends back in the workplace from day one.


Team Size:
15 - 300
Program Length:
2 - 3 hours
Space Requirement:
30 sq. ft. per person. Our culinary program director will contact your venue to handle all details of room layout and set-up.
Benefits & Results:

The activity serves as a great ice-breaker for new teams and strengthens working relationships in existing teams.

Let's Get Cooking!