Team Mixology

Cocktail team building served with a twist

Our winning recipe for a top-shelf bonding experience? Assemble your own mixture of staff and clients. Blend in tips, tricks, and trivia from one of the world’s leading authorities on bartending (really). Spice things up with a bit of friendly recipe competition. And voila! The makings of a perfectly un-corporate event.

Team Mixology has become wildly popular, and for good reason. It’s social. It’s casual. It’s interactive. And it just might go down in your company history as the best team building activity ever. We’ll transform your office or offsite venue into a “mixology lab” where your guests will learn to mix, stir, and swizzle with the pros as they absorb the finer points of cocktail creation. A “cocktail contest” will ‘stir up’ a little friendly competition, complete with prizes for the champions.

Our mixology team builder will leave your staff energized and empowered to mix on their own or raise a glass as a team!

Works well as either a freestanding program or a warm-up before dinner.

Group Size:
20 -120
Team Size:
Program Length:
2 hours
Space Requirement:
Conference room, common area, kitchen etc.
your Office or the Venue of your choice
Benefits & Results:

Learning about Cocktail Creation & Mixology Trends & Techniques
Friendly Competition
Working together as a team

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