Say Cheese!

Explore the wonderful world of mozzarella cheese making at home with your team with our Virtual Mozzarella Class. A kit will be delivered to your door with all the ingredients. All you need is WiFi, and maybe a bottle of wine!

Everybody loves cheese!  Even the sound of artisan cheesemaking is enticing. 

Learn the origins and sometimes comedic history of cheesemaking, and then bring those skills right into your urban kitchen. Hosted by our cheesemaking expert Alexis Cobham, we deliver a hands-on experience of cheesemaking that will open your team up to a millennia’s worth of knowledge and experience.  The visual of long stretches of melted mozzarella cheese inevitably gets your mouth watering.  Get ready for a one of a kind unique team building event you and your team won’t forget.

This exciting 1.5hr experience ends with each person completing their own delicious, fresh mozzarella cheese that they can eat right away… or it can be used on pizza, in salads, with crackers, or any way you’d like to enjoy it!

All you need is WiFi, and maybe a bottle of wine…

Group Size:
10 - 100
Program Length:
1.5 hours
Space Requirement:
Each station needs one of our kits, a single burner (stove element), a 1 gallon+ pot, some common kitchenware, and most importantly… a gallon of milk*. For online sessions, a monitor and zoom application.
Benefits & Results:

- Groups who like to try something new, exciting, and fun.
- In-depth knowledge of how cheese is made.
- 1.5 hours spent with a cheese expert
- Tasting your own creation and sharing the knowledge and cheese with loved ones

Let's Get Cooking!