Pasta Palooza

Pasta Palooza is all about PASTA! Considered one of the best culinary team building ice-breakers, in this program, each team will fill out a short questionnaire concerning the history of pasta.

Teams will have a pasta roller, and they will roll out their dough into sheets. They will then prepare pasta dough from scratch using the old fashion “well method”.

Once the dough is made, teams will have a variety of pasta cutters to cut their sheets into 3 different shapes for cooking. Each pasta type will have its own unique sauce. Enough pasta will be made so that everyone on the team will be able to taste.

Each Team will prepare enough pasta so that everyone on the team will taste each.

Experience all the pastabilities of learning a new cooking skill together!

Group Size:
12 - 300
Team Size:
4 - 7
Program Length:
3 - 4 hrs
Space Requirement:
Our culinary program director will contact your venue of choice to handle all details of room layout and set-up.
Benefits & Results:
  • A great ice-breaker for new teams
  • Strengthen existing teams
  • Creates a memorable retreat/conference
  • Experience a new cooking skill together
Let's Get Cooking!