International Food Tour

Teams experience the world using all their senses, completing fun, educational, and interactive international food-themed challenges along the way. Under the pressure of time, teams must divide roles, strategize, and communicate as they taste from a vast number of cultures. Whether it’s learning how ceviche is made in Peru, sipping a popular beverage choice from Japan, or sharing a family recipe, it’s all about coming out of your comfort zone together. In the end, the team with highest score is the winner!

Travel throughout the world & taste along the way!

We’re bringing a sense of adventure to the house of your teammates! Prior to the event, International Food Tour participants will download our App as well as receive a gift box, filled with snacks from around the world (and a note telling them not to open it until the go time!). Your TeamBonding Guide will get everyone on board for the trip and kick off the video conference experience by splitting your group into teams.

The goal is simple: earn as many points as you can as the timer counts down! But, how to earn points is not that easy – participants will need to strategize on which countries to visit and communicate to complete the challenges efficiently.

Each team chooses a chef, who must answer all of the challenges but can’t see them! The chef must work together with the rest of their teammates, Diners, who have the information needed. A countdown clock keeps the team on their toes, as teams race through the game, completing travel and food-themed challenges along the way to earn the most points.

Group Size:
Program Length:
1-1.5 hours
Space Requirement:
Benefits & Results:

- Increasing collaboration as a virtual team
- Developing online communication skills
- Enhancing remote problem solving
- Bonding teams in a fun and engaging way
- Aligning organizations
- Sharing an inspirational experience as a group

Let's Get Cooking!