Ice Sculpting

Let’s get this out of the way right up front: no, we don’t do ice sculpting with chainsaws.

TeamBonding is known for stretching the boundaries of fun, but even we have our limits. What you do get is an interesting, out-of-the-ordinary team building experience that serves as a great icebreaker.

So how does it work? Participants are divided into teams whose ultimate goal is to sculpt a large block of ice into a masterpiece. The results are fun, funny, and sometimes pretty impressive. As with all of our events, you get the famous TeamBonding touch! Our ice sculptor facilitators are very good at engaging hearts and minds, and laughter is one of our secret weapons.  Now put on some gloves, grab a chisel and get creative!

“The Ice Sculpting activity was a highlight of the conference… I felt confident from the beginning we were in good hands. The actual event ran seamlessly and our company’s values were communicated perfectly–it was the perfect mix of fun and business! Your facilitator was a pleasure to work with, he’s an expert in his field and an engaging facilitator.”
C.S. – PwC

Group Size:
4 - 6
Team Size:
8 - 500+
Program Length:
2 - 3 hours
Space Requirement:
Venue of your choice! If indoors, our expert facilitators take necessary precautions to protect the facility from the melting ice chips.
Benefits & Results:

Ice Sculpting Workshops can help enhance communication, encourage team bonding, boost morale within the workplace, inspire and motivate staff, promote a sense of achievement and encourage collaborative working

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