Great Bar B Que Challenge

This program is designed to get your employees' juices flowing at your companies outdoor functions this spring and summer.

The Bar B Que Challenge was developed to be the most flexible program of its kind. We can conduct the event as a fun day in the outdoors or a real competitive event pitting teams against each other for prizes and/or bragging rights. We can accommodate groups from 25- 500.

1) Pick your venue. Most Hotels have outdoor function space We can help you as we have relationships with a number of outdoor parks and recreation spaces suited for this great event. Or we can do it at the venue of your choice.

2) Pick your food We can create a program around main courses from Hamburgers, Chicken, Steaks and Fish to whole Pig Roasts, depending on your budgets and time constraints. We will also decide on the appropriate side dishes and desserts your teams can create.

3) The Challenge Each team will have the use of a grill, charcoal and a Mystery Ingredient Box containing different food items to use in preparing their Bar B Que. The challenge will include a main course, sides, and dessert. In addition, each team will need to create a team name and a team sound, cheer, jingle, skit, or commercial spot.

4) The Judging A winning team will be determined based on the taste and presentation of each dish. Additional winners will be named based on Teamwork, Team Name, Team Sound and overall champion.

5) Debrief We can include a debrief time where the facilitator leads the group in a discussion designed to connect the Team Building of the day, to working as cohesive Teams in the workspace.

6) Extras With enough planning time we can supply some fun prizes and other items for the Teams to wear during the day and take home as mementos of a fun day. These items can include Aprons, Cowboy (Gal) Hats, Neck Handkerchiefs, Belt Buckles or other themed items. We can supply these with your corporate logos if you like.

Let's Get Cooking!