Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

We are set up to travel – from our perspective, it’s part of the game. In some cities we have local facilitators. Otherwise, we travel lightly, sending our lead facilitator and hiring from our network of local facilitators to assist. We try to keep costs down to insure that travel is not an issue when hiring us. And yes, we’re happy to handle all travel arrangements.

Our team of expert facilitators and the TeamCuisine experience are fully portable. We go anywhere you go, so you don’t have to find a separate site to accommodate your group.

No kitchen? No problem! Because we use only the resources available in most conference facilities, we can work with hotel staff to host your TeamCuisine™ experience appropriately–your group will not need to hunt for a cooking school or available kitchen.

Also, our staff has much experience working in hotel and company campus conference rooms and their staff. This gives you much more flexibility in your site options, making planning easier and leaving more time for fun!

You can relax from trying to find a team building activity that will accommodate the size of your group. We can successfully work with groups with 12 to over 308 participants. Because we work very well with our hotel and conference center partners, we are mostly limited to the size of the rooms and facility.

Food is the natural rapport builder. When your group creates their own gourmet meal and then feasts on the sumptuous results, your group learns quickly the value of working together, as well as experiencing first-hand what efficiency and high production is all about. And you know what high efficient production gets you: happy customers, better revenue and a better work environment.

As food and dining together transcends cultural and social barriers, the TeamCuisine experience gets people to work together faster and smoother. Team unity is then obtained quicker, and participants of all backgrounds and cultures get to think on the same page sooner and with better understanding.

And when your team is all thinking on the same page, your group will begin to form like they never have before–the experience of cooking a delicious meal together can lead to even greater success in the work place.

Programs typically range from $1,800 – $15,000 depending upon your group size plus the cost of the materials. We’ll be happy to quote you a price. Give us a call, or fill out a simple proposal request to get your quote.

Our bottom line is to make the whole experience more fun for all, including your event planner. Some important details needed by us to help you quickly when you contact us include:

How many people are in your group?
Who are the participants in your group? (e.g., What is their job title or function? Are they located on one site or dispersed geographically?)
What outcomes do you want to achieve for the group?
Do you have a site already picked, or do you need help from our hotel or conference center partners?
If your TeamCuisine experience is to be a part of a conference or meeting
What is the purpose of your conference or meeting?

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