Inspire, entertain and motivate your team

Create a delicious gourmet meal with no recipes, no kitchen, and no training by choosing TeamCuisine, our most popular flagship team-building exercise! Impossible as it may seem, it's true that you can enjoy a unique bonding experience with the people you see every day.

If there’s one thing we all have in common, it’s that we like to eat. The TeamCuisine team building experience is a fun and effective way to bring diverse team members together, bond as a group and learn more about each other through food preparation, cooking and dining together.

Working as a team, you get to prepare, enjoy and celebrate a serious multi-course gourmet meal. The idea here is to combine ingredients, dishes and styles of food from around the world onto one mouthwatering menu, to represent the diverse cultures, ethnic backgrounds and tastes of your participants. We focus on your group's experience first and then match the food to your specific event.

Through the use of food preparation, your team will experience itself realizing their high potentials and understand themselves better collectively as a team. This program makes an especially great choice for getting everyone on board quickly on the first day of a company conference, or as a celebratory event after a successful project completion.

Our tried and tested team building formula takes an everyday cooking class and turns it into a true team building activity, that promises effective results, every time. Even the most jaded, non-cooking, “I hate team building” staff members won’t be able to resist getting involved!

Group Size:
12 - 1200
Program Length:
3 – 4 hours including debrief. By using the time already allocated for cocktail hours and dining, this program can help you fit a premier team building exercise into a tightly booked conference schedule. We can also add more team building programs to this to make for a one- or two-day team building extravaganza!
Space Requirement:
Our approach allows us to come to your favorite hotel, conference center, winery or auditorium, allowing for easy planning.
Virtually Anywhere!
Benefits & Results:

Enhanced teamwork
Competitive or Cooperative
Fun interaction in a fresh environment
The warm glow that follows a great meal

Let's Get Cooking!