If you live in New York get there quick, if you don’t hurry up and get on a plane…

May 13, 2013

After 60 years of service on Sullivan Street, Joe’s Dairy is closing due to “lagging walk-in sales”. What??? you say, in this day of everyone talking about how important fresh natural ingredients are for good health and good flavor. I thought small batch producers were all the rage in the food world. Joe was one of the original “artesenal” producers and will be sorely missed. If Joe’s store front becomes another Cup Cake store I’ll scream.



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We've Earned Praise

I think your team did a fabulous job with the event, they actually handled the first hour on their own while we set the dining area. Our Store Directors had an amazing time and the meal was very good. Thank you for pulling this together so quickly and I look forward to doing more of these with you in the future.

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